Flexible Reinforced Thermoplastic (RTP/TCP) Pipe Production Line

Las tuberías RTP (tubo termoplástico reforzado) es un tubo compuesto multicapa con revestimiento termoplástico, capa reforzada y vaina termoplástica.

Flexible Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipeline (RTP/TCP)

RTP (Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe) is a multi-layer composite pipe with thermoplastic liner, reinforcing layer and thermoplastic sheath.

In today’s oil and gas industry, everyone is looking for ways to reduce costs. The selection of materials for oil and gas pipelines to transport the hydrocarbon will affect the operation cost, lead time, compliance, installation convenience, maintenance cost, total cost of ownership, etc. Therefore, in the past decade, a kind of innovative flexible composite pipe systems has been developed and applied to replace the traditional steel pipeline.

RTP (Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe) is a multi-layers composite pipe, which has a thermoplastic liner, a reinforcing layer and a thermoplastic jacket. The potential offered by this type of product for a wide range of applications in the oil and gas industries has been recognized in recent years, such like offshore, onshore and hydrogen gas transportation.



The steel pipe can match the requirements of pressure and temperature, but it is expensive and rigid pipeline. The friction coefficient is large when the diameter is small, which may hinder the flow performance. Compared with steel pipes and other types of rigid pipes, RTP composite pipes have the following unique advantages:

  • Composition structure pipe offers RTP the same strength as steel pipe.
  • The use of different polymers and reinforced materials can provide RTP enhanced properties to meet the challenges of potential applications.
  • The choice of non-metallic reinforcement can give RTP perfect corrosion resistance ability, thus deliver greater durability of pipeline and reduce the total cost of ownership.
  • RTP offers a lower friction coefficient that would increase flow performance.
  • RTP pipe is a flex hose and spoolable. One spool can hold up to 150 m 6 inch pipe or 1500m 2 inch pipe. Therefore this flexible RTP pipe is easy to connect, which offers benefits of fast and reliable joint, saving time and man power, and significantly lower total installed cost.
  • Flexible composite pipe is lighter and easy for transportation.
  • The flowline is reliable and low cost in maintenance because there has less joints on pipeline.

GOLDSTONE provides our clients with different technology solution for RTP and TCP, and gives them more flexible products to meet the critical requirements in various application scenarios. Different reinforcement gives RTP different properties, including aramid fiber, glass fiber, carbon fiber and steel cord, steel wire are consideration.

Reinforced Materials

Glass fiber Reinforced RTP /TCP Pipe Technology

Fiberglass tape has the characters of high strength, anti-corrosion and flexible, and the most important thing is that it is an economic material than aramid fiber and carbon fiber. The tape is treated by impregnation process of thermoplastic, so glass layers can be bonded and work as an integrated layer, which gives reinforced pipe good performance compared with none bonding structure pipe. This conception is defined by DNVGL-RP-F119 on Thermoplastic Composite Pipe (TCP) for oil & gas transportation.

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Reinforced Materials

Steel Cord Reinforced RTP Pipe Technology

Steel Reinforced SRTP pipe, complied with the provisions of API 15S, uses the high strength steel cord fabricated tape to be the reinforcement. The SRTP pipe offers high pressure resistance and it is flexible for coiling into spool. It is less cost than expensive none metal fibers like aramid fiber and Carbon fiber, and has better temperature against characterizes compared with glass fiber. With Goldstone enhanced anti corrosion liner tube design, high strength SRTP pipe could be a kind of valuable pipeline for some particular applications for onshore transportation and one of the better option for bigger diameter RTP pipeline. Goldstone can supply the high qualified steel cord tape for RTP manufacturers.

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Reinforced Materials

Carbon Steel Reinforced RTP Pipe Technology

Carbon steel strips could also be used as reinforcement for RTP pipe. Steel strip reinforced RTP pipe is an un-bonded composite pipe conforming to API 17J specification. The pipeline can be used for offshore engineering or mine pipeline. Goldstone provides a complete solution for corrosion resistance of steel reinforced RTP pipes.

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