Steel Reinforced Corrugated Pipe (SRCP) Production Line

SRCP Pipe is a new concept for large diameter composite pipe, which could help designing and applying on city waster water, drainage and sewage water pipe system.

Steel Reinforced Spiral Corrugated Pipe (SRCP)

Steel reinforced polyethylene corrugated pipe (SRCP) was developed by Goldstone in 2004 based on existing spiral wound pipe technology. SRCP is a new conception for large diameter composite pipe design and manufacturing.

SRCP employs a multilayer wall construction consisting of inner and outer polyethylene layers and an omega-shape steel profile bonded to the two polyethylene layers by an adhesive. Such construction maintains the key properties of polyethylene pipes (low coefficient of friction, chemical resistance, lightweight, etc.) while also benefitting from the structural properties of steel (high stiffness). Compared to plastic pipe, the use of steel in SRCP pipe provides higher resistance to external loads but lower consumption in raw materials. Using the spiral wound pipe processing method combined with steel reinforcing technology, allows large inner diameter SRCP pipe to be produced from 300 mm (12 inch) up to 3000 mm (125 inch) with pipe ring stiffness ranges typically from SN8 (63Psi) to SN16 (158Psi), or even higher.

There are now many industry standards for SRCP that have been issued by different countries and organizations including ASTM F 2435-15,CJ_T 225-2011,UNI 11434 ITA,CSA B182.14-15, SII458,etc.


Why use SRCP?


The most economical solution for sewage / drainage pipeline, infrastructure and municipal construction

Large Diameter

The big pipe can reach inner diameter DN 3000 mm.

Saving Cost

SRCP can save 30%-50% of material cost, compared with the none reinforced large diameter pipe and other kinds of composite pipe.


Offer super pipe ring stiffness from SN8, SN12.5 to SN16, SN20


Specifications of the production line

Modelo de
Rango del diámetro
del tubo
Velocidad de
producción (Máx.)
Capacidad de
Consumo de
Consumo de
TL-1200 Φ300 mm – Φ1200 mm 40 m/h 440 kW 240 kW 1 m3/h
TL-1800 Φ1000 mm – Φ1800 mm 12 m/h 480 kW 260 kW 1,5 m3/h
TL-2400 Φ1200 mm – Φ2400 mm 10 m/h 810 kW 445 kW 2,5 m3/h
TL-3000 Φ2000 mm – Φ3000 mm 7 m/h 1100 kW 605 kW 3 m3/h


Especificaciones del tubo SRCP

Diámetro nominal Peso mínimo del tubo Rigidez del tubo Peso mínimo de HDPE
1200 mm (48″) 55 kg/m SN8-16 (94 psi) 27 kg/m
1500 mm (60″) 87 kg/m SN8-16 (94 psi) 40 kg/m
1800 mm (72″) 105 kg/m SN8-12 (78 psi) 52 kg/m
2400 mm (100″) 198 kg/m SN8-10 (63 psi) 70 kg/m