About us

Technology is our core competitiveness, and innovation is our first driving force.
Founded in 2001, Goldstone Oriental New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the research and development of innovative composite materials.

The company has a multiple business involved in the research and development of composite plastic pipes, physical vacuum coating equipment and processes, intelligent parking lots and new composite materials.

Leading Supplier

In the past 20 years, Goldstone has grown up to a leading company in plastic reinforced pipe processing field. We had invented the Steel Wire Reinforced Polyethylene Pipe and Steel Reinforced Corrugated Pipe successfully, and make them become the primary pipeline for water supply and sewage. So far, there are more than 2000 sets of reinforced pipe machines made by Goldstone are running over the world, which has made a great contributions to urban construction in different places.

Continuous R&D

Keeping up the step of new technological revolution, we always update our technology and develop customized products with full of innovative spirit. The advanced technologies and components are introduced into our latest process equipment continuously. We believe that the continuous development of composite pipe technology will bring new structure, material and solutions, so our customers can also share the benefit of technical updating.

Creation and Pioneer

As a pioneer in the composite pipe industry, Goldstone has been committed to using the latest technological innovation to R&D the processing and manufacturing of the future reinforced pipes.

Our product development is future oriented and focuses on market demand.


Fundada en 2001, Goldstone comienza su negocio en tuberías de materiales compuestos.


Goldstone lanzó el invento patentado para tuberías reforzadas con acero (SRTP), para el cual ya se han vendido más de 900 máquinas.


Lanzamos el invento patentado para tuberías corrugadas reforzadas con acero, para el cual ya se han vendido más de 1.200 máquinas.


Goldstone se alistó en el mercado bursátil de China y actualmente sus acciones cotizan en la bolsa de China.


Completó la adquisición de Tungtay Vacuum y comenzó con la división de recubrimientos al vacío.


Goldstone adquirió el 100% de las acciones de Asia Pharmaceutical para construir un grupo de varias empresas.


Desde 2018 hasta el presente, la empresa realiza una fuerte inversión en la investigación y desarrollo de nuevos productos, ya sean tuberías de materiales compuestos o en procesos de recubrimientos al vacío.