Abrasion Resistant Liner Pipeline

The liner tube has excellent wear resistance and low production cost.

Abrasion Resistance Liner Pipeline

Goldstone has developed a proprietary composite pipe (GXCG/HDPE) that offers superior abrasion resistance and lower cost of production compared to competitive products in this market area. GXCG/HDPE pipe combines the strength of Goldstone’s high pressure steel wire/fiberglass reinforced HDPE pipe technology with the abrasion resistance of a proprietary liner.


  • Excellent abrasion resistant property. It is especially suitable for the transportation of slurry, mine refuse and other solid or mixture.
  • Good melting flow and easy for processing by general polyolefin extrusion equipment.
  • The composite pipe co-extruded by GXCG material and HDPE/PP has excellent bonding property in the interface, there is no separation in the interface.
  • Excellent physical characteristics.

Abrasion Resistance Liner Pipe

1 — Abrasion Resistance Liner

2 — Polyethylene Pipe

Steel Reinforced Abrasion Resistance Liner Pipe

1 — AR Liner

2 — Polyethylene

3 — Bonding Glue

4 — Steel Wire Reinforcement

5 — Polyethylene Jacket Layer