Steel Wire Reinforced Polyethylene (HDPE) Pipe Production Line

El tubo de HDPE es más fuerte y duradero, y además, reduce el coste del material.

Steel Wire Reinforced Polyethylene (HDPE) Pipe

Reinforced HDPE pipe for water supply is more durable and save material cost.

Using the Goldstone’s unique wire wrapping technology, the polyethylene pipe has been reinforced by high strength steel cord to create a kind of composite pipe. This sandwich reinforcement structure results the saving of pipe materials and in the meantime improving pipe pressure. The new technology makes the HDPE pipe stronger and durable but in other hand cuts down the material cost.


Steel Reinforced SRTP Pipe vs HDPE Pipe

High Pressure

Reinforced by high-strength steel wire.
The pipe offer higher pressure.

Saving Cost

Material cost saving up to 30%-40% compared to solid-wall HDPE pipe

Larger Diameter

Pipe diameter range: 50mm-1000mm

Easy Connection

Reliable electro-fusion fitting joint


Comparison of Wall Thickness

The wall thickness comparison coefficient between SRTP and PE100 solid pipe is from 0.52 to 0.75. That means when we use the innovated steel reinforced structure, it is possible to reduce the wall thickness of solid pipe to max. 50%.


SRTP vs PE100 Pipe Weight

The pipe total weight difference ratio between SRTP and PE100 solid pipe is from 0.6 to 0.8, the weight reduce max. 40%.


Production Specification

Modelo de
Rango del diámetro
del tubo
Velocidad de
Capacidad de
Consumo de
SRPE-110 Φ50 mm – Φ110 mm 60 m/h (Φ50 mm) 330 kW 181 kW
SRPE -250 Φ75 mm – Φ250 mm 60 m/h (Φ75 mm) 460 kW 253 kW
SRPE -630 Φ315 mm – Φ630 mm 30 m/h (Φ315 mm) 900 kW 495 kW
SRPE -800 Φ560 mm – Φ800 mm 12 m/h (Φ630 mm) 1150 kW 632 kW
GS/PE-1000 Φ710 mm – Φ1000 mm 10 m/h (Φ710 mm) 1200 kW 660 kW