Steel End Fittings for RTP / TCP

When connecting RTP / TCP reinforced pipes, steel compression end fittings are usually considered because non-metallic fittings cannot withstand such high working pressure.

When connecting RTP / TCP reinforced pipes, the steel compression type end fittings are usually considered, because the none-metal fittings cannot resist such high working pressure.

The flexible RTP is a spool-able long pipe, and a termination fittings will be installed at the end of the pipe, connect pipe to pipe, or pipe to valves. There are flanges or thread joints, and welding joint. The fitting can made by carbon steel, 316 stainless steel, 2205 duplex stainless steel, suit for different working condition and corrosion fluid.

The end fitting is installed on the pipe by mechanical compression method. Goldstone has good experience in the design of clamping tooth profile and the distance of compression, and our owned know-how can guarantee the fitting can work under high pressure and high temperature.